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Futuristic Rhythm Game ‘Arcaea’ Looks Not For the Faint of Heart

Regular readers know that I have a long standing devotion to most rhythm games. As long as it has a cool theme, great music and smooth controls, odds are it’ll at least be fun to play. Arcaea from Iowiro looks to hit that trifecta with some an awesome art style combined with very up-beat songs and a nice twist to the traditional rhythm formula. Billed as a “Japan Arcade-inspired Rhythm Game,” Arcaea certainly looks like it has its roots in some of the classic arcade games of yore (particularly in terms of its music selection). However, as a title designed for mobile devices it’s easy to see some of the touch-specific gameplay elements at play. The most obvious being the hold-and-move mechanic being dubbed as Dimensional ‘Arc.’

While such a move could potentially difficult on its own (particularly on a fast song) Arcaea looks to pile on the difficulty with an increased emphasis on hitting other notes while you’re simultaneously holding and moving the ‘Arc.’ I’m also digging the art style, which looks fast and futuristic without too much noise. As a freemium title, I’m sure Arcaea will have some kind of premium currency unlock for the anticipated 20+ songs at launch, which is anticipated to be in the next few weeks for the US.