The ‘Ys Chronicles’ Games are On Sale to Celebrate the PlayStation 4 Launch of ‘Ys Origin’

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When it comes to action-RPGs, the Ys series from Nihon Falcom is one of the most reliable thrill-rides around. Focusing on fast-paced action and challenging boss fights, the Ys games have a feel quite unlike most other games in the genre. As you would expect with a series this long in the tooth, the worldwide releases have been handled by a number of companies. For mobile gamers, Dotemu has been the main face for the franchise. They’ve ported the PC versions of Ys Chronicles 1 ($4.99) and Ys Chronicles 2 ($4.99) over to smartphones over the last couple of years, and just today, they released a port of the awesome Ys Origin on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

But what good is a PlayStation 4 release to iOS gamers, right? We don’t know if Ys Origin will ever come to mobile, but here’s why you should care about this release right now. Because to celebrate the launch of that game, Dotemu has put the iOS versions of the Ys Chronicles games on sale for half their usual prices. Ys Chronicles 1 has only had one sale before, and it was a full year ago. Ys Chronicles 2 has never been on sale before now. Basically, you can grab both games for the price of one right now, and given that the games go naturally with one another, it’s a good chance to pick them up for cheap. If you want more details on both games, you can read my reviews of both the first game and the second game.

I’m not sure how long the sale will be going on, but if you have to think too hard about getting the first two Ys Chronicles games for such a low price, you are thinking much too hard, my friend. They may be remakes of a couple of oldies, but they’re faster-paced and more exciting than most action-RPGs released today. Oh, and if you have a PlayStation 4, you should probably grab Ys Origin. It is also the fancy cat’s pajamas, I assure you.


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