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‘Temple of Spikes’ Offers Sharp Arcade Platforming Action, Launching March 2nd

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One of the many constants in video games is the prevalence of spiky traps, which perpetually fulfil the sole purpose of causing the protagonist considerable pain, and normally at the usual cost of a virtual life. Whether it’s the original Sonic or Mario titles, or even more recent efforts such as Downwell ($2.99) or Raider Rush (Free), spikes have stood the testament of time as the preferred dangerous obstacle in the medium. Temple of Spikes from developer Tigrido looks to follow this impressive precedent, and promises ‘tons of insidious traps’ as well as precise platforming action when it launches on the App Store on March 2nd.

At first glance, Temple of Spikes may appear to be not much more than a ‘dodge the falling obstacles’ type game, but in a similar way to titles such as The Incident (Free), Tigrido have offered a few interesting twists that should help to shake up the formula. Firstly, fallen blocks can later be used as platforms to traverse over, which could lead to some tricky platforming choices as the levels progress. As well as this, occasionally the orientation of the presumably cursed dungeon can change, with the blocks beneath your feet being pulled to the ceiling, in an attempt to splatter your character into the spikes that ominously lay at the top of the screen. With the promise of dozens of levels, numerous characters with their own unique traits, and star ratings to achieve within each run, Temple of Spikes is looking sharp in the run-up to its March 2nd release date. For more news and discussion surrounding Temple of Spikes, be sure to head down to the game’s thread on our Upcoming Games forum.

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