‘World of Tanks: Blitz’ 3.6 Update, Which Adds French Tanks and More, Is Live

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A few days ago, we wrote that World of Tanks: Blitz (Free) was getting ready to expand its tank collection, and today’s 3.6 update has done just that. The new update brings to the game a new French tech tree line that adds plenty of entertaining tanks, including ones with autoloaders. We are finally getting the AMX 50 120 and AMX 50B tanks, which are very fun to play with. The update also adds a new feature called Vehicle Enrichment, which will increase tech tree vehicles’ Credit earning for a faster grind, hopefully. 3.6 also adds a Gift Store, which will allow you to buy and send Gold or Premium vehicles to friends or Clanmates.

In addition to these big new features, we are also getting plenty of balance changes, especially to medium tanks, new additions to Tournaments, and many other fixes. The update is going live today – and might already be live – so go check out the free French tank that everyone’s getting with 3.6.

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