Make Sure You Check Out ‘Hidden Folks’

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We already included it in our roundup this morning, but I’ve played Hidden Folks ($3.99) quite a bit in judging games for the IndiePlus contest at GDC and like it a lot. Hidden Folks is lovingly crafted by the same developer as Fingle ($1.99), Bounden ($2.99) and a bunch of other really great games. I think the easiest way to describe the game is if you took the core concept of the Where’s Waldo books and gave it a heavy coating of hand-drawn indie art styling. Check out the trailer:

Hidden Folks is also available on Steam if you’d rather play it on your PC, and we’ve got a vibrant discussion cookin’ in our forums right now with folks really enjoying it. Usually games where you’re finding things work better on the iPad, but I’ve been playing it on my iPhone and everything works just fine with standard pinch to zoom gestures.

Definitely give this game a look if you’re looking for a super charming Waldo-like. (…Which I guess now is a thing!)

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