‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Is Bringing ‘Blood Magic’ This Week

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This week’s Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl is a brand new one, and it’s an interesting change from what we usually play. Blood Magic has you constructing a deck, but any spell you cast costs health instead of mana, which makes for some interesting deck-building decisions. What this means is you can cast a spell even if you don’t have the mana for it; you’ll just lose the equivalent amount of HP. As many players on reddit have pointed out, going first in this Brawl is a huge advantage because you can even play 10-cost spells, although you will take the HP hit for it.

You could make a Pirate Warrior deck and rush to victory, but where’s the fun in that? Keep in mind that you can easily lose in the first three turns in Blood Magic, so build your deck appropriately. If you do go with Mage, keep in mind that Counterspell blocks your opponent’s spell but they still take the damage from it. Any fun combos so far?

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