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Upcoming ‘Rubix Revolution’ Is Like a 3D ‘Geometry Dash’

If you like fast, punishing games like the famous – or infamous – Geometry Dash ($1.99), the upcoming Rubix Revolution might scratch a similar itch. As you can see from the trailer below, the game by 111 Games is all about hopping your way out of trouble as you navigate spikes, drops, and all kinds of other obstacles. However, in this game you rotate the playing field to avoid those obstacles, get your hands on more coins, and find hidden items across the level. I might be getting too old, but if I were playing the levels from the trailer, I would probably die a million times or more.

The game will also let you collect custom cubes, unlock secret ones, and also buy and use power ups to make your life easier. It will all depend on how well the game actually plays, but if it is responsive enough, I think Rubix Revolution will entertain those who love challenging runners. The game is coming out at some point this year and it will be F2P.