‘Street Fighter’ Comes to ‘Shadowverse’ In Spring

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To use a movie cliche, this idea is so crazy, it might actually work. Shadowverse (Free), the relatively-new CCG that’s increasingly gaining in popularity, has decided to expand from its fantasy world and bring in some of the most iconic video game characters, those from Street Fighter V. The collaboration will bring Street Fighter V-themed character skins and card sleeves to the game, but unfortunately no actual cards and skills that will allow you to K.O. your opponent in a few swift moves. The characters along with their in-game character class are Cammy (Forestcraft), Chun Li (Swordcraft), Juri (Runecraft), Ryu (Shadowcraft), Vega (Bloodcraft), and Karin (Havencraft).

Shadowverse is doing everything right so far, and I think it still has plenty of space to grow. The fun art and interesting mechanics make it a pretty good CCG and help it stand out from the deluge of CCGs on the App Store. The Street Fighter characters are coming Spring 2017 probably as IAPs, so keep an eye out for them.

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