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New ‘Morphite’ Trailer Shows Two Minutes of Dinosaur Fights

If you’re as excited as I am for We’re Five Games and Crescent Moon’s upcoming first-person shooter/adventure game Morphite following our previous coverage, then you probably won’t object to seeing a brand new gameplay trailer which Crescent Moon posted in our forums and on the game’s Steam Greenlight page over the weekend. And I’m almost certain that you won’t mind said gameplay trailer featuring multiple dinosaur fights and a dog with a turret on its back. Need I say more? Check out just over two uninterrupted minutes of Morphite gameplay below.

Morphite is all about visiting strange, procedurally-generated planets and exploring all they have to offer, scanning plants and animals along the way and obviously getting into fights with some of the less-friendly denizens. Some people have compared it to No Man’s Sky, and while I don’t think it’s quite that ambitious I do think the general concept of Morphite is pretty similar. Explore cool planets, blast away crazy alien dinosaur things with cool weapons, and just do some general adventuring. I can’t wait! As mentioned, check out our previous coverage of Morphite and follow CM_Games on Twitter for all sorts of extra screenshots and we’ll let you know when the game finally gets a release date.