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‘Wobblers’ Is a Unique High Score Chaser From the Developer of ‘Down the Mountain’

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For a while, Umbrella has been quite active in one sense, publishing a bunch of games from other developers under their studio. But an actual game developed by the team has been a long time coming, at least for the past 10 months or so. However, that all changes on February 23rd, when Wobblers, a title developed and published by the studio releases. This high score chaser feels quite unique, as you have to tap left and right to move your platform, and keep your wobbler from falling off the screen.

The thing is, Wobblers gets quite chaotic. You have to avoid bombs that could stun you and blow up your wobbler, while mountains of coins cascade down the screen. Other wobblers appear, though good luck keeping two on your paddle at one time. In fact, good luck keeping one wobbler on at a time. But the idea is that you’re just trying to keep everything afloat for as long as possible, juggling different challenges. It’s a fascinating take on the score chaser genre, and has that typical Umbrella charm to it. Check it out on February 23rd.

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