‘SpellTower’ Receives Huge New Update With Merriam-Webster Dictionary Support, New Modes, and Much More

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The App Store has an abundance of clever puzzle and word games that are perfect for the immediacy and portability that mobile gaming presents. However, very few are executed as well as SpellTower ($2.99) – in a similar vein to his reinvention of chess and card games in Really Bad Chess (Free) and Sage Solitaire (Free) respectively, Zach Gage’s take on the word game was deceptively complex, and hooked us enough to warrant both a five star review and a honourable mention for our 2011 Game of the Year award. While five years may have come and gone without any major additions to the title, SpellTower has today received its landmark 4.0 update with number of major additions, including Merriam-Webster dictionary support, a brand new ‘Zen Mode’, and fully-functioning online multiplayer.

As we mentioned in the original announcement for the 4.0 update last week, Zach Gage has teamed up with the folks behind the Merriam-Webster dictionary to bring even more complex and recent words into the SpellTower mix. This means that more recent additions to our vocabulary such as bitcoin, selfie, and even FOMO can be created within the game, if you desire to channel your inner millennial and score some serious points. Other features include the aforementioned ‘Zen Mode’, whereby length restrictions are thrown out of the window for a more peaceful playstyle, online multiplayer to supplement local cooperative play, and complete compatibility for French and Dutch languages. Full support for the 12" iPad Pro and iPhone 6 and 6+ devices, a new ‘Super Tower Mode’ for the former tablet, as well as updating the graphical design of the game and eliminating pesky bugs are all welcome additions, and make an already timeless iOS classic even more essential for puzzle gaming fans. Download the free 4.0 update for SpellTower from the App Store now, and let us know your thoughts on these major new additions on our forum thread.

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