Beautiful Diorama Style Golf Game ‘OK Golf’ is Now Available

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As seems to be normal for App Store releases these days, the bulk of the new games will be released by Wednesday night and then included in our new games roundup post that we do every week… Then, inevitably, a few more randomly drizzle out late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, the latest example of which being OK Golf ($3.99). It’s a premium game free of all freemium shenanigans, which it seems like people are always asking for. One thing I’m curious of is what people who are into the technical aspects of golf games will think of this, as it almost plays more like a mini golf game since there isn’t any sort of club selection to speak of.

Personally, I enjoy sports games that simplify things, as I like the idea of golf, and enjoy quite a few golf games, but couldn’t tell you when you should be using a wood, an iron, a wedge, or whatever else. OK Golf has you making shots with simple dragging mechanics, which makes the game pretty approachable. Take a look at the trailer:

The game has a bunch of secrets to discover too, and I expect the thread on our forums will be full of them as soon as more people start getting deeper into the game.

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