‘RPS Saga’ Brings Quick and Casual Card Battling to Mobile

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The App Store is inundated with card games, but many of them are relatively complex, which makes getting into them too time-consuming. RPS Saga ($0.99), which has just released, hopes to offer something more casual to those who enjoy card games while still making it interesting enough. As the title hints at, the game uses the rock-paper-scissors rules that should reduce the complexity and make it easy to pick up. And judging from the trailer, the battles are fast enough to make it easy to play in short bursts. I play quite a few card games, but I think there’s always space for a casual one.

The game also offers RPG mechanics that allow you to level up and equip your hero. And the game’s art is definitely well done. Add to that a campaign with plenty of stages to play through, and you can see why RPS Saga looks like fun. You can check the game’s thread in our forums for more info. The game is out now and it will cost you a dollar.

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    Easy and strategic Dual game applied with Rock, Scissor and Paper Rule. It’s time for the legendary heroes to be reuni…
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