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‘Durango’ Beta Players Sure Liked Bonfires and Murder

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the upcoming dinosaur-filled MMORPG Durango because it’s promising to bring to mobile a huge, intriguing world filled with things to do and dinosaurs to slay. The game has finished its first closed beta period just recently, and today the developers posted some very fun stats that show both how players chose to play the game as well as Durango‘s potential. The beta had over a million players across iOS and Android devices, although the US only had around 45 thousand (so don’t be surprised you didn’t get in). Players were enjoying the Durango world for an average of 8 hours, although having players who topped 500 hours probably skews those numbers a bit.

The size of all the worlds created during the beta was 200 times the size of a soccer field if you put all the devices next to each other. The stats also show the game’s focus on farming, cooking, trading, crafting (28 million miles of straps were created during the beta), and, of course, warfare and clan wars. And finally, players built over 2 million bonfires out of a total of 6 million buildings. Fun numbers from what looks like it will be a fun game. No word on release yet, so keep sharpening that stick with a knife while sitting on a rock in the middle of a dinosaur-infested island.