TouchArcade Will Be at GDC, We’d Love to See Your Games, and We’re Having a Sticker Swapping Party

Once again we’ll be attending GDC in San Francisco, which takes place on the week of February 27th at Moscone Center. If you’re a developer, Patreon backer, or local TouchArcade fan, this post is for you! If you’re none of those things, but like reading about brand spankin’ new iPhone games (and updates), you’ll still be in for a treat that week as we basically spend five days meeting with tons of developers and recording footage of upcoming stuff. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, take a look at last year’s coverage which was our busiest GDC yet. It’s entirely possible that 2017 will be even crazier, actually, that’s almost guaranteed because as I’ll be at Train Jam the days leading up to GDC.

Anyway, we’re currently taking appointments from developers. Keep in mind, our schedule gets insane quickly and we’re only looking to see new, and unreleased games or updates. If you just want to say hi, that’s cool, but that’s the entire point of our party! We also record video of everything we see to put it on the web site, so if you’ve got a game that we can’t write about for one reason or another (which has happened before), come to our party instead. Click here and head over to Calendly where you can book a time slot that works for you.

As usual, we’re doing a party on Wednesday starting at 7:00 PM at the bar in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis, Bin 55. We don’t do an open bar or anything like that, so the crowd is always really chill and just fans of TouchArcade and iOS game developers instead of… Well, the typical party surfers you see at events. One cool thing we do is trade stickers that everyone gets made over at StickerMule. The 2×2" rounder corner stickers are perfect for app icons, but they’ve branched out into a bunch of different sticker types and they’re all pretty cheap. If you order through this link, you’ll save $10 off your first order. It’ll be a good time, I promise.

If you’re a Patreon backer, we’re also doing a meet up on Monday evening in SF, although the location is TBA. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple places to figure out the best place to do it.