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‘Gentleman Ninja’ Lets You be Dapper While Slicing and Dicing

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For far too long, those who have wished to follow the way of the ninja but also wear a top hat and monocle have suffered under the tyranny of not being able to do both. That’s what Gentleman Ninja promises to address this Wednesday, February 8th. Your objective is to slice up ninjas of red and blue colors, with blue being on the left and red on the right. However, enemies are all over the place, so you have to keep that in mind as you tap the right color to slice through the correct enemy. And when you hit a door, you better hit both colors at once to burst on through. If you get knocked back, it’s not necessarily game over, but with the screen scrolling increasing in speed over time, your margin of error is rapidly shrinking.

Gentleman Ninja is a simple high score chaser at heart, but it’s buoyed by some solid production values with 3D visuals. Plus, there’s a variety of costumes to unlock that make you more than just a ninja. Gentleman Ninja will be free to download starting on February 8th for both iOS and Android, and will have a $0.99 in-app purchase to remove ads. For colorblind players, the transatlantic developer duo of Scott Moakes and Samuel Beattie designed the game to be playable by people with most forms of colorblindness, but an update is in the works that will introduce a black and white option for people who can only see in monochrome.

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