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‘Forma.8’ Metroidvania Gets PS4/Vita Release Date, Mobile Coming Afterward

There’s been a few games that, fo rwhatever reason or another, just have really long development cycles. The developers run into personal issues, or they’re part-time projects with a massive scope, or the creative muse just disappears. Forma.8 has been one of those elusive releases, as Mixed Bag Games has been working on it and promising that it would be done soon for a long time now, with most recent word coming a couple years ago at GDC. Well, it looks a lot like it’s finally coming to fruition. Forma.8 will release on PS4 and Vita on February 23rd. Mixed Bag confirmed to me that the iOS version would come “two or three months after PC / console release" with a probable Apple TV release too.

While there’s still gonna be some folks who won’t believe it till they see it, I have played the game on iOS, it definitely exists! And the completed game is about to exist on another platform! I think there’s reason to be optimistic in this weary world! This Metroidvania has looked promising for a long, long time now, and it might not be much longer until its promise comes to fruition for mobile players. With Antihero also seemingly nearing the finish line, what’s next? Drifter?!