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‘Glitchskier’ is a New Shoot ‘Em Up From the Developer of ‘Sputnik Eyes’

Shelly Alon, the developer of Partyrs ($0.99) and Sputnik Eyes ($1.99), is back with a new shoot ’em up hitting on February 2nd called Glitchskier. This is a bullet-hell-inspired shmup that thematically exists as a cracked, glitchy game full of computer errors as aesthetics. The menu even takes after a Windows 3.1 GUI, just to add to the theme. But then from there, it’s all about getting high scores, trying to dodge bullet formations and taking out enemies. Glitchskier is a little forgiving, as you can take multiple hits before dying, but still: be careful.

Over time, you’ll unlock a bunch of new themes to enjoy as you ski the sea of glitches. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s some surprises that pop up over time while playing this. The theme has an aspect of mystery and the unexpected to it, after all. Check this one out for $1.99 on iOS and Android on February 2nd. Until then, check out the forum thread!