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‘Cryptocracy’ Is an Upcoming Politically-Charged Matching Puzzler, and Is Looking for Beta Testers

Amidst the current political climate around the world, there have been an abundance of games on the App Store that have attempted to capitalise on the personalities of certain prominent figures in the form of low effort throwaway apps. However, such circumstances also give numerous creators across all forms of media to make their own message, and hopefully put an interesting and informative twist on matters outside of the world of gaming. Developers Dozen Minds are looking to make such a statement with their upcoming game Cryptocracy, which combines interesting match-three mechanics reminiscent of Triple Town with city-building elements amidst a dystopian backdrop that attempts to highlight how the developers believe modern society is truly being run. If you’re in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you can download the soft launch release of Cryptocracy now, otherwise Dozen Minds are looking for beta testers of the game on our forums.

While not too much of the gameplay of Crytocracy has been shown beyond a few gifs, the ability to work from both the bottom down view of the people, as well as the top down view of the wider cities (with four being at your disposal at launch) suggests a degree of variation of gameplay that will hopefully resonate with the title’s political themes. Having to ‘control protesters’ by merging similar types together sounds particularly nefarious, but I guess that’s a consequence of being an invisible malevolent overlord. With plans to add an endless mode, and even more levels and heroes in future updates, Cryotocracy looks to be an interesting and nuanced take on, as Run the Jewels eloquently put it, who really is the man behind the man behind the man behind the throne. Be sure to head down to our forum thread for further updates on Cryptocracy, download the title if you’re in the aforementioned soft launch regions, or sign up for the beta version before the game releases globally in the near future.