‘World of Tanks: Blitz’ Summons Dragons for Its Chinese New Year Event

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World of Tanks: Blitz (Free) has been very creative in its events recently – like the Frankestein tank for Halloween – and its celebration of the Chinese New Year will continue that trend. Beginning January 27th, you can earn two new Premium tanks as part of the New Moon (not the Twilight movie one) event. Like in other similar events, you’ll have to complete a series of stages in order to earn one of the two tanks. Why would you want to grab one of these premium tanks? Well, because they are all about dragons. Blaze WZ VII tank destroyer features a fire dragon, and the Glacial 112 VIII heavy tank features an ice dragon across the turret and hull. You complete stages by completing missions and playing battles, but if you are wealthy enough, you can just complete stages using gold.

In addition to the New Moon event, the game has received update 3.5, which has added Boosters, a new feature that increases your XP earnings and reduces cooldown times for consumables. I hope this feature doesn’t push the game further into the pay-to-win column. 3.5 has also improved the Dead Rail map to reduce snipers’ ability to control the entire area. The update is live now and the New Moon comes in two days, a perfect time to hunt dragons.

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