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‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ Coming March 2017

The Power Rangers franchise is getting ready for a renaissance of sorts with the upcoming Power Rangers movie, coming to a movie theater next to you in March. And as has been the case with big franchises recently, a mobile game companion is going to land on your iOS and Android devices in March as well. The game’s called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and will be a real-time multiplayer fighting game starring your favorite Power Rangers and villains. We don’t know much else outside the brief gameplay moments in the trailer below, so I’m not sure whether you should be exited for the news or not.

At the same time, I’m more hopeful about movie tie-ins than I used to be a year ago because we’ve seen a steady improvement in the genre. Hopefully, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will continue that trend. The game’s coming out in March for both iOS and Android, and you can pre-register here.