‘Clash Royale’ Tips for Newly Released Cards

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When new cards release for Clash Royale (Free), players often wonder about the best way to get their hands on them. Clash Royale Arena posted a blog today that offers tips to help you get those new cards as painlessly as possible. On the day of release, there’s a special offer in the shop that lets you spend gems to get the new cards, but keep in mind that the offer lasts only for that one day. Giant, Magical, and Super Magical Chests are your best bet for finding a new card – as long as it’s a common, rare, or epic – but you shouldn’t open those chests immediately after the card releases because you’ll only get 1 copy of that card if you do. Instead, unlock it with a Crown chest, Free chest, or Silver chest instead because that way, your special chest will give you more of that card.

The other way to go about it is getting a Clan Chest or Challenge Chests. Keep in mind that cards found in those chests aren’t determined upon getting them but, rather, upon opening them. So, wait until new cards are available before opening them. There are additional tips in the guide, so go check it out.

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