We’ve Got an Easy to Remember Discord URL Now, Come Chat with Us!

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If you haven’t hopped on the Discord (Free) bandwagon yet, you really should get on that. We switched over from Slack a few weeks ago and figured we’d open up our chat to everyone else who loves iOS games. We’ve mentioned a couple of times already, but you can download the PC/Mac/mobile apps (or use the browser based client) over on, then using our brand-spankin’-new fancy invite URL of you’ll get thrown into the mix with a ton of other TouchArcade community members who have been chatting about the latest and greatest in iOS gaming practically 24/7 recently.

The coolest thing that has come of our Discord so far is the number of developers who have decided to come chill with us, and it’s been really neat watching beta tests and seeing all sorts of other feedback get exchanged in real time. I really had no idea what to expect when we opened up our Discord server to everyone, I figured maybe a few people would stop by and keep us company while we talked about our stories for the day, but to see the whole Discord thing rapidly evolve into its own community has been super rad.

Oh, and if you’re a TouchArcade Patreon supporter, you get fancy cosmetic rewards over there too. Anyway, if you’re looking to kill some time during the work day, poll the audience on in-development game icons, search for beta testers, make sure we know about your game, ask for game recommendations, talk about what the best mobile games are, and a million other things, the URL to do it just got a million times easier to remember:

Hat tip awp69.

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