‘Neko Atsume’ First Trailer as Cute as Expected

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Most game-inspired movies end up sucking for all kinds of reasons, but I’m placing my faith on the upcoming movie based on Neko Atsume (Free) to buck that trend, and if the first trailer is any indication, I seem to be betting on the right movie horse. If you haven’t played Neko Atsume yet, it’s a game where you place all kinds of toys and food out in a garden and then hope kitties come and visit it. Pretty close to real life. The movie, titled House of Neko Atsume, will tell the story of Katsu Sakumoto (played by Atsushi Ito), a best-selling author with a writer’s block the size of Australia. Even moving away from the city doesn’t seem to help.

Love isn’t too far, though, and it comes in the form of a cat that walks into his garden one day and then promptly departs. Sakumoto starts leaving cat food in the garden, and the rest is kitty history. I hope the movie comes to the US because I’m definitely watching this one.

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