Come Hang out With Us in Discord, the Awesome New(ish) Chat and Voice Service From the Creator of OpenFeint

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We recently switched over to Discord (Free) from Slack for all of the back-end communication at TouchArcade here, and we’ve been super happy with everything. Discord has effectively replaced both Slack and Skype for us, and cooler yet, the way Discord works allows us to have an open chat server that anyone can join- Heck, if you play online games, chances are you’re already using Discord. If you’re not, you should totally check it out. You can either download the mobile app or the PC/Mac client and then just hop right in. Since we started using Discord full time a few weeks ago, we’ve grown an awesome community of people chatting about iOS games all day long.

To join our server, use this link (which you can feel free to share with your friends who might be into iOS games) or use the widget below:

If you’re a backer of the TouchArcade Patreon, things are even cooler for you in Discord. Follow these instructions to link your Patreon account to your Discord account and you’ll get special recognition in the user list as well as access to a channel where Carter has been doing giveaways in.

Also, another interesting piece of Discord trivia: It’s by the same guy who built OpenFeint, so they totally understand both the kind of stuff gamers are looking for in an online service and the mobile app is really good. Come hang out with us! It’s a lot of fun, I promise.

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