‘Geometry Dash’ 2.1 Update Adds ‘Fingerdash’ Level, ‘Spider’ Gamemode, and More

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Few games make me feel like I’ve lost the dexterity of my youth like Geometry Dash ($1.99), which has just received its big 2.1 update. I’ve played the game quite a bit, and even streamed it on our Mobcrush channel, and just when I think I’m doing relatively okay (for my age), I see players in our forums put me to shame in so many different ways, it makes me miss the time when I had reflexes. The 2.1 update has added a new level called Fingerdash, the Spider gamemode, a ton of new gameplay objects, new rewards, quests, daily levels, and tons more. The editor also received new features, which I know will make our forum members very happy since they love making new levels to torture others with.

Speaking of our forum members, they found Fingerdash to be on the easy side – which is relative given how good they are at the game – and say the 2.1 update has added some new bugs to the game, which was to be expected. If you feel like playing a very challenging but highly-entertaining game, go check Geometry Dash if for some weird reason you haven’t already.

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