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‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Looks Promising, Coming Feb. 2 on iOS and Android

As we just saw on Nintendo’s live stream, Fire Emblem: Heroes is the name of the mobile version of Nintendo’s famous franchise. The game features a brand new original story about, you guessed it, a huge war. As a Summoner, you will summon heroes from Fire Emblem‘s history to battle. Some will be with you, some against you. You will be fighting on 8-6 grid maps for quick battles that look entertaining, especially because the terrain will matter. Each character has an attribute, which turns fighting into a kind of rock-paper-scissors affair.

You can use orbs to summon heroes, and those orbs can come as gameplay rewards or, you guessed it, as IAPs from the store. You can decide what color warrior to summon, and as you continue summoning, the orbs required lessen. Each hero has a star rating that shows his or her strength, and you can expect to see the same heroes in multiple star versions. You can, of course, level-up your heroes through battles and using various materials (IAPs?), which allows you to learn new skills.

The game seems to have plenty of ways to play like season events, Arena duels, and Hero Battles, which are timed encounters where you fight against a selected hero. Beat him, and he becomes your ally. The art is all new as are the voice-overs. Now, the game will be coming to Android on February 2nd, but the video didn’t announce an iOS date, so that could be earlier or later. What do you think of the upcoming game? And what do you think about that monetization model?

UPDATE: Nintendo has announced that the game is coming to both iOS and Android on February 2nd.