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Upcoming ‘Arrows & Sparrows’ Will Have you Pulling Trickshots Next Week

How’s your crossbow aim? Good I hope because if not, Goldie the Goldfish will get it in the upcoming Arrows & Sparrows, releasing next week on iOS and Android. As you can see in the trailer below, the game is all about trying to get your shots off in just the right way to take out those birds circling that cute little fish. You only have five arrows to shoot, so this game isn’t about taking birds out as quickly as possible but, rather, more about trick shots, which is a fun departure from many other similar games.

The birds will drop eggs that spawn even more birds and will even try and trick you by having other birds act as shields. But, of course, you have weapons of your own like getting bombs to cause chain reactions, ricocheting shots off birds, and even using SuperShots. The game will have 20 levels free to download and then a $0.99 IAP that unlocks another 80, and it’s coming January 25th.