Entertaining MP Game ‘Warfriends’ Has Gone Live Globally

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I’ve played my share of Chillingo’s Warfriends (Free) while the game was in soft launch and had quite a fun time with it, and now everyone can join the fun as the game has finally gone global. If you haven’t played the game yet, Warfriends is a smart blend of cover-based shooter and card game where you get to deploy all kinds of units against your opponent. It’s a pretty smart concept, and every time I’ve played the game on our Mobcrush stream, people seemed to love it. You level your support units as you go along and also have to decide which cards to bring to a battle and which ones to save. There are also plenty of cosmetic and non-cosmetic upgrades for your guy (mine has a Spartan helmet and a cigar) that add a layer of fun to the game.

The issue I had with the game was the feeling of pay-to-win because of the premium cards you could purchase, but I have no idea how much the monetization has changed since I last played the game. And having more players into the game makes matchmaking more fair. Despite my monetization concerns, I would recommend you give Warfriends at least a try because it’s a ton of fun. And if you want, you can join our Guild (of one) called

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