‘Clash Royale’ Welcomes the Jungle Arena and Dart Goblin

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Even though most of the world is currently covered in tons of snow, it’s hot and humid in Clash Royale‘s (Free) new arena, the Jungle Arena. As we wrote a month back, Jungle Arena unlocks at 2600 Trophies and is pretty cool looking. The new arena has an Indiana Jones-treasure exploring vibe to it and feels quite different from earlier arenas. When you get into overtime while playing in the Jungle Arena, you get a nice torrential downpour that really makes the Arena come alive. Many reddit users liked this new Overtime feature and hope that other Arenas get the same treatment in the near future.

In addition to the Jungle Arena, we are getting a new card, the Dart Goblin. This rare 3-Elixir very fast troop hits both ground and air, deploys in just 1 second, and is great for surprising the opponent. Reddit seems to be in love with this guy because of how good of a counter he is and how he can mess with your opponent’s units. What do you think about Dart Goblin so far? Jump into our forums and see what others think of the new card and the new Arena.

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