‘Hearthstone’ Developer Insights Live Stream Tomorrow Morning

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A few days back, Ben Brode talked about the Hearthstone (Free) team’s wish to make more Designer Insights to better address community concerns, so it comes as no surprise that tomorrow morning, January 13th, we are getting a brand new Designer Insights, and this one will be a live stream. Ben Brode will be joined by game designer Dean Ayala for a live Q&A at 9am PST, and they’ll both address issues like the state of the game, the new player experience, the ranked play system, and any questions from players. If you want to have your questions answered, send a tweet to the official Hearthstone Twitter account using the hashtag #QA. You can also post a question here, or you can simply join the stream and ask questions there.


If for some reason you can’t watch the stream live, you’ll be able to watch it on YouTube after it’s done, although that means you won’t have the chance to ask any questions. I know the team really cares about the community, and I’m glad to see an opportunity for the two parts to exchange ideas and opinions about the game. Any questions you want to ask?

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