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GalacticThumb Reveals Drop-Platformer ‘Drop’d’

GalacticThumb, who did 2016’s intriguing Waiit (Free), have a new game in the works called Drop’d. This one-touch game will have you trying to drop through platforms, landing on the next one that isn’t covered in spikes. Landing on spikes is bad, because you have played video games before and probably know that for yourself. Usually, it’s the immediate next platform, but sometimes it’s multiple platforms later, just to screw with you and your timing as you go for high scores.

Drop’d promises to be a challening high score chaser, as you constantly have to adjust to the different timings of the various platforms. There’s some cute square characters to unlock, 20 in total. This one releases on January 19th as a free download with IAPs to remove ads, double the stars you collect to unlock characters, and one currently-priced $14.99 IAP to unlock all the characters and remove ads. Check out the forum thread for this game.