Our ‘Hearthstone’ Roundup is on Hiatus This Week!

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Just a heads up to anyone scratching their head wondering where Tasos’s weekly Hearthstone (Free) is this morning, it’s on hiatus this week as Tasos is currently traveling to do a King studio visit. If Tasos was around to write this, chances are he’d focus on Ben Brode going hog wild commenting on all sorts of different Hearthstone communities all over the internet. I’ll try to cover some of the bigger things, such as Ben Brode commenting on the future of the ladder system which addresses some major complaints I’ve seen players making since the earliest days of Hearthstone.

Additionally, Brode has commented on the Blizzard forums on the potential of rotating out some overplayed Classic cards into the Wild format to do something to keep the meta fresh and prevent decks which primarily still use mostly Classic cards instead of the newly released (and future) card sets.

If you’re into watching the Hearthstone events Blizzard puts on, which is my favorite part of the game, they announced that the Winter Championships will be held on March 23rd through the 26th in the Bahamas of all places. If I were a pro player, I can’t say I’d complain very much about heading to some tropical islands to play Hearthstone.

Tasos will be back next week, so stay tuned to get fully caught up on all the important happenings in the world of Hearthstone.

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