‘Chopping Wood with My (Drunk) Dad Simulator’ Is the Dumb Game to Download Today

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If (like me) one of your favorite things about the App Store is the absurd things that get released, well, here’s one more game to add to your “Dumb Games" folder, or whatever name you’ve given the place where you store games like Vape Master (Free) which we posted about last week. Today’s silly game is Chopping Wood with My Dad Simulator (Free). The forum thread leads me to believe that “Drunk" was in the original title, but, that doesn’t seem like something Apple would be cool with. Either way, as the title hints, what you do in the game is go out to the woods with your drunk dad, and chop wood.

In this scenario, you play as the drunk dad’s son, and need to place logs on a stump in time for your drunk dad to wildly swing his axe down. Playing the game almost has a faint whiff of Punch Out to it, as you need to tap the screen as soon as you see your drunk dad’s cue animation that he’s about to chop. It reminds me of going in for a punch just as you see the single trigger frame before Little Mac gets pummeled. The game goes until you either miss five logs or get your hands chopped off.

It’s a dumb game for sure, and it might only last on your phone for a few minutes, but drunk dads hellbent on chopping wood is an underrepresented demographic on the App Store. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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