The Fun ‘Suburbia’ Board Game Just Got a Universal Update

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Ted Alspach’s city builder Suburbia ($7.99) is one of the best board games on the App Store, and now it’s finally available for the iPhone after a universal update. If you haven’t heard of or played Suburbia, this pretty good port of the award-winning board game has you building your city by placing hexagonal tiles with various buildings next to each other. While that might sound like a simple mechanic, the way you match those tiles has a huge impact on how your population grows and how much money is left in the bank. A few wrong moves, and you’ll be broke before you know it.

The game comes with over 50 different buildings – stores, airports, suburbs, museums – and with various scenarios that keep the game challenging. There’s also asynchronous multiplayer, which should work better now that iPhone players can get their hands on the game, and Essen Spiel expansion tiles to unlock. If you’re into board games and haven’t had a chance to grab Suburbia, you should probably remedy that mistake soon.

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