Klei Entertainment Drops Surprise ‘Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked’ on iOS on Boxing Day

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The iTunes freeze ain’t what it cracked up to be any more. Klei Entertainment, here on Boxing Day 2016, has just released Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked ($4.99) for iOS. This isn’t a sequel, more of a standalone expansion to Don’t Starve ($4.99). Shipwrecked puts protagonist Wilson on a tropical archipelago. I’m not sure why he would get on a boat crossing the ocean after being stuck in the woods, worrying about starving to death, but apparently Wilson is a risk-taker. The new tropical environment will force you as the player to adopt some new strategies as you have new threats to fear, new tropical seasons that change the game, and new recipes to figure out. You can build a boat to explore more of the world, too.

This is a nice little surprise on a day when nobody expected anything new (though it may have been scheduled before the iTunes freeze), not least of all an unnanounced-for-mobile Don’t Starve expansion. But here it is for everyone to enjoy. The only question is with Shipwrecked‘s protagonist being named Wilson…are there any Cast Away jokes?! If you’re playing Shipwrecked, hop into the forum thread to chat this one up.

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