Noodlecake and Mantisbite’s Gravity Gun Puzzler ‘Island Delta’ is Now Available

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Just last week those sneaky folks at Noodlecake decided to squeeze one final release in before 2016 closes out when they announced that they’d be publishing a clever new puzzle platformer from Mantisbite Games and releasing it this week just before the iTunes freeze. Well, it slipped past the normal weekly roundup but that game Island Delta ($0.99) is finally now available. Island Delta sees you using a gravity gun not unlike the famous version from Half-Life 2 as you pick up objects, toss them about, and generally use your unique ability to solve various puzzles and work your way through an evil villain’s vast facilities.

I’ve only played through the first few levels of Island Delta but I’m really liking it so far. They really nailed the feeling of using the gravity gun and some of the puzzle elements are quite clever, and should only increase in challenge and complexity as I go on according to those who have played a bit further. Plus I absolutely adore the style and personality of the game, which almost feels like ’60s Bond era mixed with Despicable Me lightheartedness. It’s a three dollar game with no IAP whatsoever, so if you’re looking for a new premium game to chew on over the holidays then check out Island Delta and see what people are saying about it in our forums.

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