Inkle Updating ‘Sorcery’ Quartet with New Game Plus Across Entire Series

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Inkle’s got a nice surprise right before the holidays for Sorcery players: New Game Plus that lets you start over in part one ($4.99) from a completed save in part four [appprice url="asdf"]. Yes, that’s right, you can start over the entire Sorcery series, playing from the beginning with a brand new difficulty: Merciless. Tougher enemies, new items, and new secrets, including one final intriguing thing:


This is the final significant update for Sorcery, as Inkle is moving on to a new original world with their next title. The Sorcery series’ New Game Plus updates are set to roll out starting on December 21st. If you haven’t played the Sorcery games yet, a good starting point will be the Sorcery bundle with all four games for $16.99 which will start rolling out on the 21st. You can read more about the update here (the link may not be live yet as of press time). This is a really cool and ambitious update to an ambitious series that helped raise the potential of what interactive fiction could be on mobile, and a well-deserved finale to the series and its dedicated fans, for sure.

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