‘Super Mario Run’ – How to Midair Stall

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There’s an advanced ability in Super Mario Run (Free) that you ought to know about. It’s not covered in the tutorial and it’s not super-clear on how to use it unless you try it out. It’s the midair stall, and it’s a clever way that you can use to not only stop, but go backward on a jump.

Super Mario Run Midair Stall

What you do is that you swipe backward and hold. This will halt your jump, allowing you to make short, high jumps, for example. But what it also lets you do is that you can go backward a bit on your descent. This way, if you overshot a ledge on a jump, you can land back on it, or think you’ll miss a special coin, then this ability will let you get a little bit of wiggle room back. This ability is something you can miss unless you dig into the menus and try it out for yourself, but once you know about it, it will become really handy for taking on the platforming challenges ahead of you.

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