Square Enix ‘GO’ Trilogy Is in a Bundle Now and is Apple TV Compatible

Square Enix’s three GO games, Deus Ex GO, Lara Croft GO, and Hitman GO, are perfect examples of how to take an IP that was originally on another platform and turn it into a mobile game that while different in looks and gameplay, still retains the spirit of the original game. Square Enix has decided to make a nice bundle of all three GO games called The GO Trilogy for $4.99, which is a great deal when the original games aren’t on sale. Remember, if you just have one or two of the games in the bundle, you can get the remaining for pretty cheap.

In addition to bundling them up, Square Enix has announced that the GO games are now Apple TV compatible, which is a fun way to play these puzzle games for sure. Finally, the developer has released a teaser for its upcoming behind the scenes documentary for fans of the GO series, and I’m definitely watching it when it comes out. If you want to grab the bundle, you can get it here.