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Nexon Korea’s ‘Durango’ Dinosaur Survival Beta Now Open, Still Accepting Android Signups

Good news if you signed up for the beta for Nexon Korea’s impressive-looking Durango: the beta is officially open for business, with download links going out now. Running from now until January 3rd, 2017, those who signed up can dig into this open-world MMORPG where you’ll have to deal with survival and rebuilding society in a land where there’s dinosaurs all about. Dinosaurs that you can ride! I want to ride a freaking dinosaur!

Durango has been in the works for a couple of years now, and is only now getting coming to fruition. While iOS beta spots may be filled up at this point (though you can still sign up for iOS), Nexon says that they’re still taking Android signups. So if you want to check out and provide feedback for this game featuring lots of dinosaurs, well, you still have a chance. Sign up at the game’s website.