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The Upcoming ‘Cyber Gargoyle’ Is a Good-Looking Platformer

Cyber Gargoyle – The Fettered Mind is an upcoming platformer that’s currently under review from Apple, but I hope for the developers’ sake that they don’t try to release it this week because the whole world will be living under the shadow of that familiar plumber. As the developers have written in our Upcoming Games forum thread, Cyber Gargoyle is a Metroidvania platformer that offers non-linear gameplay and an entertaining story. You can get a sense of the story in the trailer below, and I do like that it’s a bit more original than your usual platformer (no princess to save for instance).

Your gargoyle can jump or hover and also cling to walls, and you’ll be fighting procedurally-generated enemies with smart AI (although I’ve heard that promise many times in the past). I also like the art, although the animation could be a bit smoother. The game should be coming out soon, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for another platformer to play.