‘Clash Royale’ Update Will Add Jungle Arena, New Cards, and Balance Somes Cards

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Supercell is at it again. Clash Royale (Free) is getting an update January 13th, and the developers have once again started throwing sneak peeks our way. The first new addition is a new Arena, the Jungle Arena, which unlocks at 2600 Trophies and looks pretty awesome. We are also getting four new cards, with each card releasing every two weeks as per the usual recent practice. We are getting the Goblin Gang and the Dart Goblin along with two other cards. The Goblin Dart is very appropriate for the new Jungle Arena. We are also getting more ways to get your hands on Epic cards, with Epic Sunday, Epic Chests, and more. You can check all the details on the sneak peeks here.

In addition to the new update, we are also getting balance changes on December 15th. Elite Barbarians are getting a huge buff as will Tornado, the Balloon, the Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Bomber, Mortar, Mirror, Giant Skeletons, and Wizards. You can check out the buffs in detail here.

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