The Trailer for Telltale’s ‘Batman’ Finale Teases the Final Showdown

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Batman – The Telltale Series (Free) has had a pretty rocky ride on mobile because of the many and serious technical issues that have plagued Dark Knight’s ride on our phones and tablets. And that’s a shame because narratively, the series has been doing some very interesting stuff and has given us a fun and unexpected twist on the Batman mythos. If you’ve been one of those who’s managed to enjoy the series, get ready for the grand finale, City of Light (spoilers from here on). As you can see in our review of the series so far, Episode 4 left Batman with a mountain to climb as the city is falling apart around him and Wayne manor has gone up in flames.

Now Batman has to figure out what the Children of Arkham – and their infamous leader – are about to do and at the same time protect those around him from all that’s coming. Can Wayne hold on to his secret identity while saving the city? And remember, depending on your choices in the rest of the series, you can experience some very different endings. Episode 5 will be available tomorrow, and let’s hope it plays well this time.

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