Slitherine’s Holiday Sales Continue With ‘Battle Academy’, ‘Frontline: Road to Moscow’, and More

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Those looking to fill out their collection of great Slitherine strategy games have been feeling pain in their wallets and joy in their hearts these last few weeks. Each week, Slitherine has been putting a different set of games on sale for some very deep discounts. This week, it’s the Battle Academy and Frontline series’ turn. This is your chance to stock up on some war games and get some practice in before the Great Venusian War of 2021. Er, forget you just read that.

The list of games on sale includes:

Lots of good stuff in there. The standard provisos apply when it comes to Slitherine games, however. In the last year or so, they’ve seemed hot and cold about whether they’re going to continue to support their iOS apps in the future, and they’ve also made some extremely controversial decisions with regards to updates recently. Still, at these prices, any strategy fan should be willing to take a chance. After all, no matter what the company does, the games themselves are pretty awesome in general.

  • Frontline: Road to Moscow

    NOTE : This game requires an iPad2, iPhone4, iPodTouch 6th generation or later. Older devices do not have enough memory …
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