‘Dashy Crashy Turbo’ Needs Beta Testers

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Dashy Crashy (Free) by Dumpling Design is getting a major new update that is practically a sequel to the original. Dashy Crashy Turbo will bring a ton of new vehicles, Apple TV support, and “maths solving?" I’m not 100% sure what math is going to have to do with Dashy Crashy Turbo, but maybe you can find out. Dumpling needs beta testers for this major update to the game, and you can sign up in the game’s thread in the Upcoming Games Forum.


The team at Dumpling has been working on the update to the OutRun-inspired high score chaser for a while now, and they say that they went with an update instead of a separate sequel because “in the end we opted to update so that the existing audience would see all the benefits, including their car collections getting free modifications, our way of saying ‘thanks!’. The ‘turbo’ suffix indicates a major version update, we plan to keep adding to the name with each major update going forward." So perhaps we’ll get Dashy Crashy Championship Edition, Super Dashy Crashy, Super Dashy Crashy Turbo, and other Street Fighter 2 jokes that will mostly just amuse me.

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