‘Solitairica’ Roguelike Solitaire Lands on Google Play

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Good news if you’ve been intrigued by Righteous Hammer’s Solitairica ($3.99) but have an Android device. Like, maybe you have an Android phone but an iPad, and that’s why you’re here. Maybe you’ve played a ton of Solitairica on your iPad, but your commute and other spare moments have been shockingly dearth of roguelike solitaire action. Well, Solitairica is now available on Google Play for Android! Huzzah!

Righteous Hammer is going with a different business model on Android, going freemium with the game being free to download with a one-time in-app purchase to unlock the full game. I highly recommend the game, particularly as it’s a bit more chilled out than many roguelike-style games or whatever you want to call them. Also, I think your grandparents might enjoy it.

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    "It is, in my opinion, the perfect mobile game." - Drew Scanlon "An insanely fun mashup of roguelike RPG and solitaire.…
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