First Two ‘Clash-A-Rama’ Episodes Now on YouTube

The first two episodes of Clash-A-Rama have been uploaded to YouTube. The cartoon series, featuring Futurama veterans behing the series creatively and in animation, features elements of both Clash of Clans (Free) and Clash Royale (Free), naturally. The first episode is “University of Goblin":

Then there’s “Giant vs. Giant Problem" to watch:

As an esteemed former reviewer of Family Guy episodes who is quoted on Wikipedia, my judgement? It feels like it’s just generally trying hard to relate to the games in a way that can feel a bit stilted. When the episodes go for some humor that uses a freeze spell in an unexpected way, or mocks the pathfinding AI in Clash of Clans going after weird targets. But I think this series will work better as time passes, and the writers get more adept at making references to the games in their series. “Giant vs. Giant Problem" came off as the much better episode than “University of Goblin," but both episodes have a sketch comedy structure to them, so it’s likely based on the strength of the sketches. Which I guess makes sense because the troops in the games are so disposable, why not the characters in the show? Future episodes will be interesting to watch for their structure as well as their quality, along with just how many people actually watch these episodes.