‘Doom’, ‘Skyrim’, and ‘Fallout’ Bethesda Pinball Tables Added to ‘Zen Pinball’

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Three tables based on popular Bethesda games have just been added to Zen Pinball (Free). As has been teased for a few weeks, Fallout, Doom, and Skyrim tables are now available for the pinballing. The Fallout table has some cool elements to it, such as a “character creator" when you start out, different missions based on the various factions, day/night features, and a shop. It’s just more of the attention to detail that Zen Pinball is known for. Doom‘s pinball table has you collecting weapons and powerups, including the notorious BFG. The Skyrim table will give you several different races to play as, quests, animated dragons, and items to collect, craft, and sell. Plus, there’s an interesting co-op hotseat mode in play here.

Now, if you go looking on the App Store for an app called Bethesda Pinball, you’ll find nothing. Instead, all 3 tables are available for individual purchase in the main Zen Pinball app. Which isn’t really a problem at all, I suppose: you don’t get tied into buying a table you don’t want. Each table costs $1.99, and is tied to your Zen account.

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