Dark Horse Offering Free ‘Galaxy on Fire 3’ Digital Comic Book

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If you like your mobile games with a digital comic book on the side, then Dark Horse has just the thing for you. Dark Horse has partnered up with Deep Silver FISHLABS and have perfectly timed the release of the digital comic Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore: Glowing Embers to coincide with the release of Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore (Free). The comic book is written by Matthew Ritter with illustrations by Agustin Allesio and Gabriel Rearte with Ramon Bunge coloring the art and Nate Piekos the letters. Finally, Anthony Palumbo is responsible for the quite nice cover. I especially like the red and black space suit of the one on the right.

Galaxy on Fire 3

The comic book serves as a bridge for fans and takes place prior to the conflict of the game. Both the game and the comic book take place in the Neox Sector, where all kinds of lawlessness exists. You can get the comic book for free here, so go check it out.

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